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Peso by Nexik


by Nexik

First off, Vision. I gave you 4 stars for that because I really like where you are going with this picture. It reminded me of Old Yeller or something to that effect. This image gives a feel for an old hunting dog sitting in a field waiting on his master to hunt 'coons or something. So great start here.

I gave you 3.5 stars for Originality because this picture is unique in comparison to other dog/animal pictures I've seen here on dA. Most of them are close up of puppy eyes or fuzzy ears or something. Those get really really boring. Your picture is one that I might remember in a few hours, whereas others I will quickly forget as soon as I've exited my browser.

However, I only gave you 3 stars for Technique because I really feel like the technical elements to this image are distracting. First, the black and white. Now b&w is a good tool to use for these types of pictures, but with this particular one there is just too much shadows going on. The b&w masks too much of the picture. Also, there is a little blur spot in the bottom right corner. That is extremely distracting. I'm not sure if you cropped the picture or meant to put it there, but I see a half-border along two sides of the picture. That is a little bothersome because I keep wondering if it's the result of a bad cropping job, or if you forgot about it, or if it's meant to be there. With those few elements tweaked a bit, you could really bring this photo to its full potential!

Lastly, I gave you 3 stars for Impact because of the Technique issues I already wrote about. Those really took away from this picture and thus a lasting impact. Don't be discouraged- you are off to a really great start here! And your image is still beautiful because you did such a wonderful job in producing a vision. I would just keep practicing and working on some different techniques. Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:
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Nexik Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
I agree with you about the distracting elements, but i couldn't really do anything about them. It was shot on B/W film and the blury lower right corner is just my stupid mistake (i forgot finger in front of the lens) and finally, the two black sides aren't my mistake, this is how it got from scanner in FotoSkoda at Prague. I honestly wish i hadn't forgotten my finger there, it really spoils the impact on viewer :/ but i wanted to post it anyway :) Thanks for your opinion!
fotomademoiselle Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Well it's a beautiful picture nonetheless! I was attempting to be encouraging but also give some advice. So I hope I wasn't discouraging! I definitely understand how scanners can mess up some things like that! Keep up the good work :)
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