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Well, I must say I've never written a critique on abstract art before. :> Nice job here...when I look at this piece I really get a feel for movement. It reminds me of a subway station. The bright lights and blurred movement makes it look like you took this in a dark subway station with fast moving transportation and dingy lights. So great mental image you project here!

I gave you 4 stars for Vision because I can't really tell what you meant to show through this picture, and that is the point of abstract art. It's meant for the viewers to guess and wonder because they only see a spec of the overall image.

I gave you 2.5 stars for Originality simply because I've seen these kinds of pictures before. One hard part about doing abstract art is that you have to be really creative. While I enjoy this piece, I will forget about it by tomorrow. It doesn't give me a lasting impression.

5 stars for Technique because this is a really well-taken photograph. You have light and dark, mixed with solid lines and dashes. You have a lot of different elements in this picture that are blended together nicely.

Overall for Impact I gave you 3 stars because you produced an interesting image that makes the viewer think and wonder. You've got great technique, but (as I said earlier) this just isn't a picture that would stand out among a whole bunch of abstract art. I do see you having a future with abstract photography, you just need to keep practicing and especially experimenting. :)
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miontre Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks so much for the thoughtful and honest critique! :hug:

I definitely agree with you that the beauty of abstract art is that you're meant to find a meaning for yourself! :D I won't share what I see in this image - since that will be ruining it for everyone else. ;P But the title is somewhat of a hint. :nod:

I will definitely continue with abstract art, it is something I've been interested in for a while but haven't tried until now :giggle:

Once again, thank you! :) :huggle:
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