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Give peace a chance II by MintLights

Well this piece sure did catch my eye; good call using jewelry and lighting techniques to make an impactful picture! First I'll start off with the positives here: the title "Give peace a chance II" mixes well with the one bright dot of light in the background. It gives a feeling of new beginnings. Also, beautiful warm color tones. That gives this picture a somewhat inviting feel to it, like someone is gently coaxing me to their perspective.

Now for some advice. :3 One big thing you could have done to add to the whole "give peace a chance" theme would have been to show more of the box that the jewelry is resting in. {At least, it appears to be a box.} If you had shown more of the box it would have added to your concept of having a new perspective. Almost like you are pulling the idea of peace out of an old box.

While the bright dot of light aids your title and concept, it is also distracting from the overall picture. When looking at this picture, the first thing my eyes go to is the light. Try making it a little less defined, or positioning everything so that it's off to the side. There are rays of light shining down around the light spot- perhaps try a point of view that would allow those light rays to shine down pointing on the peace sign. That would make this picture much less distracting and more interesting.

Nice job here overall! Just keep experimenting and I would suggest taking lots of pictures of the same thing from many different angles and perspectives. That will help you see lots of different POV and figure out which makes the most interesting and unique photograph. ^^
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